Often, names serve to memorialize, remember, or commemorate.

Sauvage, instead, is a call to those who do things another way; perhaps a long-past method, or maybe a far-future vision. We are inspired by outsiders and the outdoors; by naturalists and botanists, farmers and wine-producers, and anyone who works to craft their own dreams, hewn from boundless creativity and restless energy.


We are inspired by the naturalist wine movement that bears that moniker, and all the early champions who shaped it. The list goes on. Savages, we call them.

We are inspired by the land, animals, and people who work to feed us, not just from harvest to harvest, but from generation to generation. We focus on heritage meats, grains, and local specialties with a nod to the classic techniques of Grande Cuisine. 


Our inspirations and aspirations are varied, and we tend to try our hand at all the things we love; tea and coffee is made with the same fervor and palate as our wine. The kitchen sources flavor, balance and history, and plates them together. The bar crafts cocktails and serves spirits offering a taste of a place and producer.


Sauvage looks like it tastes. Precision, curvature and whimsy can be seen in our food and drink as well as our house. Though Art Nouveau might have inspired the blueprints, we have filled it with things we want to share, and so it softly changes day to night, and with the company of our guests.


Born from the James Beard Award-winning team behind Maison Premiere, Sauvage is a vibrant expression of a neo-bistro. Located on the border of North Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, outdoor seating is accommodated by our patio, flanked by McCarren Park and the East River. We offer a new kind of transportive restaurant experience, far from the louche gardens of New Orleans and the dimly cocktail halls of past centuries. Whether you join us for lunch, brunch, or dinner, we love filling up our days on that bustling corner, and we hope you will join us.